The Vertical Farm

City-Hydros founders are bringing their open source attitude to farming, share the knowledge empowerment over competition, microcarbon footprint and self sustainability. City-Hydro founders believe that everyone should make a livable sustainable income at the same time contributing back to their community. Every City-Hydro is solo owned and operated under the guidelines of City-Hydro founders. City-Hydro is now developing Phase III of their mandate and charter to supply seeds to the City-Hydro, these seeds are 100% grown under City-Hydro core principles of PURE.

City-Hydro offers simple home kits to full size growrooms and everything in between. Our simple 5 steps process produces the freshest and PUREest microgreens you have ever had. Our systems use nothing but PURE H2O, No Fertilizers, No Pesticides and No Soil, our inhouse designed LED lighting technologies deliver the best growing conditions for microgreens, baby lettuces and minigreens.

City-Hydro LLC

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